the brown haze over north-India's sky could portend a dry future. Caused by liquid pollutants suspended in air, the aerosol cloud, infamous for its effects on crops and human health, may result in

Southern Africa is a region facing multiple stressors, including chronic, recurrent food insecurity and persistent threats of famine. Climate information, including seasonal climate forecasts, has been heralded as a promising tool for early-warning systems and agricultural risk management in southern Africa. Nevertheless, there is concern that climate information, for example climate forecasts, are not realizing their potential value in the region.

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Against a backdrop of rising global surface temperature, the stability of the Indian monsoon rainfall over the past century has been a puzzle.

monsoon distribution in the country is significantly influenced by irrigated agriculture. Scientists are now trying to figure out how vegetation and atmosphere interact and how it affects the

THE total seasonal rainfall during the year's southwest monsoon (June 1 to September 30) for the country as a whole was 99 per cent of its long-period average (LPA), which, being within plus or minus 10 per cent of the LPA, can be termed as a `normal' monsoon.

The skewed pattern of rainfall experienced across the country during this year's monsoon appears to be an anomaly.

Satellite observations suggest vegetation encourages rainfall in Africa. A study led by P M Cox, a scientist with UK's Natural Environment Research Council, says vegetation accounts for around 30 per

scientists claim to have solved the mystery of links between El Nino and monsoons in India, a development that can lead to more accurate weather forecasts. This was published online in Science's

it may sound incredible, but the mobile phone network may soon be used to measure rainfall. The strength of signals in a cellular network varies with humidity, claims a study by scientists from

The early civilisations have conventionally been regarded as products of human ingenuity. Of course, favourable geographical conditions also made a difference. But they just might be fortuitous