In Guraiya village , it's women empowerment all the way

Although Bhaonta Kolyala village walked away with the Down To Earth Joseph C John Award, the judges came across several such communities worthy of praise. The Guraiya Watershed Community in Madhya Pradesh, Krushak Charcha Mandal in Maharashtra and AJCB Br

A caste ridden society transforms the depleted forests into a green haven

Besides the communities who have done exemplary work in the field of environment, several individuals are making a difference in the lives of many people in various parts of India. Some of them, who were brought to Down To Earth's notice during the proces

A rural organisation breathes life into the listless people of Melaghar village

Too many aerosols, too less rainfall

If we were to build a water splurging society like the West, we would eventually run short of water

The people of several villages in Pune were a helpless lot, until Vilasrao B Salunke stepped in

If fresh rains hit central coastal Vietnam again it will spell doom for the region, say meteorologist . This area is already struggling to recover from last November's devastating floods that killed

parts of Rajasthan are in the grip of a severe drought and the situation may worsen further. Over 2.5 crore people and 3.5 crore animals have already been affected. According to a report