Brazil is losing its Amazonian forests to farmers at an unprecedented rate, latest satellite observations have shown. The destruction has so alarmed the Brazilian government that it called an

immune system: Scientists in the UK are building a mathematical model of immune responses in people. The work will improve the understanding of the human immune system by allowing all the

scientists at the University of California at Berkeley, usa, have developed a new method of monitoring animal range sizes and distribution. The study, published online in PLoS One, analyses data

Unhealthy eating habits at home are being buttressed by an increasing tendency to eat out at fast food joints. A number of factors contribute: among them rising disposable incomes in urban

Fishery forecasts based on ocean colour can quadruple profits

Satellite images used differently

The Bombay HC order protects mangroves

India has come out with maps of its biodiversity-rich regions, one of the first countries to do so in the world. It was the fruit of a five-year project, jointly undertaken by the Department of Biotechnology and the Department of Space, which began in 199