Off grid systems are immune to high losses. It can cater to a whole range of rural consumers

India's economic growth is mainly based on energy from fossil fuels like coal and therefore
has considerable potential in reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well in CDM
participation. CDM projects starting after January 1, 2000, are eligible to earn certified emission reductions (CERs). However the modalities and procedures of the CDM may be too complex to exploit its full benefit. This guidebook will provide a roadmap to the project developers and investors for realizing the full benefit of CDM within the allotted time frame.

Ontario, Canada's most populous province and home to one third of its population, is poised to take a lead in renewable energy utilisation in North America. Though several American states have set

unique protest: In a potent symbolic gesture equating a dangerous pesticide with the atom bomb, a Quit India Endosulfan march was organised in Kerala on August 6

The International Conference for Renewable Energies is to be held in Bonn, Germany. But here is a sector dwarfed by fossil fuels, and although governments can proactively root for renewables, and some have, the options given to developing countries are qu

Two decades ago, a 20,234-hectare wind farm came up in Altamont Pass, California, usa. Then birds began to die. 22,000 birds have died since the farm came up, including hundreds of golden eagles,

An independent review the World Bank commissioned wishes the Bank to stop funding all coal and oil mining projects in developing countries, Commissioned by the World Bank s former director of mining, James Bond and headed by Indonesia s former environment

It's profit at any cost for ExxonMobil. The oil giant's shareholders voted overwhelmingly in Dallas, Texas, against proposals dealing with renewable energy and global warming. In fact, the company's

An extension of the pursuit of inner purity to purer forms of energy

Society itself doesn’t care to know about headloading