The boreal forests of Scandinavia offer a considerable resource base, and use of the resource for the production of less carbon-intensive alternative transport fuel is one strategy being considered in Norway. Here, we quantify the resource potential and investigate the environmental implications of wood-based transportation relative to a fossil reference system for a specific region in Norway.

The Indian energy supply system has risen from a few thousands of kW capacity in the early fifties to 1,47,402 MW and is growing by the year. However the capacity is unable to keep pace with the growth in demand. The Indian wind energy sector is on the growth path aiming to achieve an installed capacity of about 15,000 MW by 2010.

India has been one of the enthusiastic proponents of the need for product certification with regard to wind turbines ever since the technology made its way into the country. One one hand it could be attributed to the influence of Danish turbines which got installed in large numbers as wll as the fact that Denmark was at the forefront in certification of wind turbines.

Building-integrated photovoltaic solutions are still significantly more expensive than traditional on-roof systems, comprising a niche market. But manufacturers are increasingly offering solar modules for facades and in-roof systems. Are we on the threshold of a major new market?

China's wind industry is booming. But manufacturing capacity growth is out stripping the market. The competition is squeezing margins; international providers are falling behind as national champions pull ahead.

ENERGY plays an important role in accelerating economic growth inasmuch as it serves as an important element in providing food, shelter, healthcare facilities, safe water, sanitation, education and access to jobs to either an individual or group or the whole community.

The World Bank on Friday approved a $130 million credit for Bangladesh to finance a project which was designed to support installation of affordable solar home systems in rural areas to increase the people

Pocono Raceway, which hosts two Nascar Sprint Cup races each year, plans to construct the world

A tiny island of fishermen is light years ahead of the rest of Pakistan, powering homes and businesses with wind turbines

Just seven months after launching efficiency initiatives, the Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe Hotel & Ski Resort has spent a quarter of a million dollars less on energy -- and could double that savings by the end of the year.

As of July 20, the owners of the Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe Hotel & Ski Resort had spent $250,000 less than they had expected to spend on energy this year.