Hoping to speed up the development of renewable energy resources on federal lands, the U.S. Interior Department designated about 670,000 acres of land on Monday as potential areas for solar energy production.

Demand for renewables has created a boom for land previously considered worthless in sunny deserts and wind-swept

This paper highlights the importance of renewable sources of energy and seeks to demonstrate how the provisions of 2003 Act and specifically how the system of open access can be utilized to promote renewable sources of energy.

The report,

India has been facing shortage of electricity for almost a decade. According to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), during the financial year 2008-09, the Indian utilities could supply 689 billion kWh of electricity against requirement of 774 billion kWh, which represents shortfall of about 11.0%.

The first biofuels produced using new generations of biomass raw materials could be available in commercial volumes from 2010 at the earliest, German junior Environment Michael Mueller said on Monday.

But the exact time scale was still unclear, Mueller said at the European Biomass conference in Hamburg.

Member states of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) voted to locate their headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt's state news agency MENA said on Monday.

The United States may become the largest market for renewable energy for E.ON, the world's largest utility by sales, within six years, the head of the company's green energy unit told Reuters in an interview.

Norway's government proposed a new law on Friday to develop sea-based wind power as part of a plan to diversify from offshore oil and gas toward renewable energy.

"Offshore wind energy may become the next adventure for the Norwegian industry and energy sector," Oil and Energy Minister Terje Riis-Johansen said in a statement of a draft bill presented by the center-left government.

India generates 13,878.58 MW grid-interactive power from renewable sources like from wind, small hydro, solar, biogas co-generation and biomass. It amounts to 9% of the total installed generation capacity. It has been enabled by the provision of government incentives like capital and interest subsidy, accelerated depreciation and concessional excise and customs duties.

Badal valley in Uttarakhand has now become a demo valley for green energy----

The coming years are going to be quite difficult for the world if preventive measures are not taken to tap new and non-conventional sources for its energy requirements.