The North-east India Energy Summit 2008 was held in Guwahati on March 29.

THAT'S NOT COUNTING the energy efficiency technology market aimed at reducing power consumption.

Climate change, growing populations and political concerns are prompting governments and investors from California to China to take a fresh look at desalination : a report. March 20, 2008

Tata BP Solar, which specialises in solar photovoltaics, has signed an agreement with Calyon Bank (Credit Agricole CIB) and BNP Paribas to raise a $78 million debt to fund its 128 mw solar cell expans

It will be the California-based firm's largest global facility.

Like to mix beer and wine when you're drinking? Fancy some wine on ice cubes when the weather's hot? Perhaps a ''green'' beer made with sensitivity to the environment will quench your thirst?

The purpose of this paper is to outline the principles of CESP (Community Energy Service Providers) and the issues involved, and to explain the CESP operational modality as applied in the REP (Renewable Energy Project).

South Asia being an energy-deficit region, there is a strong case for developing regional cooperation in this sector. This may take different forms. India has surplus petroleum refining capacity while other countries in the region are importers of petroleum products. The real benefits will accrue from cooperation in power generation.

Proper energy planning is essential for achieving energy security. Every country has to formulate its own policy to optimize the use of different energy sources for meeting the demands of its household, agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. This necessitates an integrated and updated database of the production and consumption of different energy sources viz., coal, crude, petroleum, natural gas and electricity (hydro and nuclear). The present issue, "Energy Statistics 2007', is the 15th issue in the series.