This commercial ship, partly powered by a giant kite, set off on its maiden voyage from the German city Bremen to Venezuela in the third week of January. Designers of the vessel, MS Beluga

The gold medal for new wind power production in 2007 goes to the United States. More than 5,200 megawatts of capacity were installed there, a new world record. New factories are to ensure further growth, provided the promotion criteria are extended in time.

With more than a thousand square kilometres of rooftops there's plenty of room for photovoltaics in Germany. A new study says, however, that newly installed capacity will level off at about one gigawatt per year.

The demands on wind turbines to support the power grid are growing in Germany and Spain. Some sector lobbyists see no sense in various stipulations by the grid operators.

Catch crops planted in the summer months can complement energy grains and the combination with them be an alternative to energy maize. But they

This article aims to look at the determinative factors and conditions of private participation in the wind sector in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala which will be guided by the following approaches from political sciences and (relational) economic geography.

Sales of solar heating installations fell short of expectations almost everywhere last year. Despite this firms are optimistic. Improved political support is driving hopes of an upswing.

A robust transmission network is essential for power market operations. Experts have recommended that the market reforms should start with transmission and not generation. Transmission system issues need to be accorded the highest priority in the market development initiative.

We know that the bulk of greenhouse gas emissions come from the use of energy

The paper assesses the demand for rural electricity services and contrasts it with the technology options available for rural electrification. Decentralised Distributed Generation can be economically viable as reflected by case studies reported in