•Haryana is in the grip of a severe drought. The principal Kharif crops such as jowar, bajra and gawar have been totally destroyed. Paddy and sugarcane crops have suffered a serious setback in

Thai farmers and activists object to a US company s use of the name Jasmati for a rice variety

A non-governmental organisation has moved the Supreme Court, asking the government to challenge a patent given

A US company has acquired the patent to what it claims is a new variety of basmati rice

Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, Chennai, has launched a high yielding rice variety, called

Pakistan's rice exports will get a boost with the imminent reduction of the involvement of parastatals, following a recent merger of Rice Export Corporation and the Trading Corporation. Now, the

Agro-scientists at West Bengal government's rice research station have developed four high-yielding rice varieties which will increase current levels of yield by an average of 30 per cent. While the

The Karnataka High Court recently awarded damages worth Rs 21,000 to a petitioner Muniswamy Gowda, who had accused a rice milling industry of damaging his health. The court ordered the state

In an effort to create more productive and disease-resistant strains of rice, Chinese researchers have created a gene 'map' that will eventually allow not only comparisons between

India won a major trade victory recently when the statutory Trademark Administrative Committee in Greece rejected the trademarks filed by a US company Rice Tec Inc on rice varieties claimed to be