Why transfer rice germplasm to Syngenta?

www.knowledgebank.irri.org Now, the latest farming and production info is available to the rice industry online. This is the world's first digital extension service for the

Over the next 50 years, harvests of staple crops like rice, maize and wheat may be reduced by one- third due to global warming. This has been revealed by a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The advocates of agricultural biotechnology maybe overselling the usefulness of the genetically modified

How the West is trying to steal what is ours

A new strain of rice keeps off weeds and trebles yeild

Rural folk can grow rice on lakes in Manipur

MAJOR rice and water crises await Asian countries in the next 30 years, the International Rice Research Institute (iARi) reports. It predicts acute shortages of rice unless anti-pollution and

PREDICTIONS of the Union ministry of agriculture foresee India as the third biggest rice exporter in the world in the next financial year after the us and Thailand. It is estimated that

Pesticides used in rice cultivation are having just the reverse effect than the one intended -instead of decimating pests, extensive studies reveal that they are, in fact, destroying precisely those precious bugs that keep the pests on a tight leash. Seve