Stockholm wasn't as big as Rio, but I think it had a soul. I expect Rio's soul was there too, somewhere

Pushed onto reservations and almost forgotten, the indigenous people of the world have finally got onto the international environmental agenda. The UNCED process has at least recognised that the concerns of the First People must be addressed

WILL HE go? Will he sign? Will he give money? All these and many more questions on the behaviour of the US President George Bush are threatening to overtake the Earth Summit at Rio. Bush's cat and

Forests: For the South, this is perhaps the most crucial and most difficult battle ahead. The North has been insisting on a legal framework to manage the world's forests. Each

Will the European Green parties' long agenda to change the world's environment have any takers?

BIG PROBLEMS cannot be solved without a big vision. And big visions do not come without big dreams. The Rio conference, which will bring together more heads of state and government than any

MR BUSH says he will go to Rio as he is now satisfied with the global agreement of climate. Nothing can be a sharper indictment of the climate convention. Whereas the world needs long-term

Union minister for environment and forests Kamal Nath's attitude to the UNCED summit is a curious mixture of pessimism and optimism. He is unhappy over what he feels is the "rigidity and inflexibility" of some of the greatest polluters in the world. Yet,

01 Feb 2013

For growing economies the stress has to be on patterns of natural resource use and not on the status of natural resources; that is, dealing with the causes rather than the symptoms of the problem of climate change. The time has come for rapidly growing Asia to distinguish between the global, regional and national aspects of climate policy, recognize the linkages and shape the deliberations for the new climate regime by taking substantive measures at home.

25 Jun 2012

World leaders attending Rio+20 did nothing to tackle the interlinked crises of economy and ecology, says Sunita Narain after attending the second Earth Summit at Rio.