This paper explores two propositions regarding international river basins: cooperative development of international rivers offers unique economic advantages over unilateral development; and benefit sharing is a necessary condition for facilitating this cooperation.

The GEF is the largest financial institution with the mandate, ability, and experience to address current and future challenges to shared freshwater and marine systems. Because of their transboundary nature these multicountry waterbodies and marine systems represent international public goods.

Malaprabha river basin has been the study area for the development of comprehensive database on the status of water sector and the development of integrated hydro economic model for selected water services. Malaprabha river is a tributary river to the Krishna river and flows through the state of Karnataka in India.

The purpose of this paper is to present the results of a systematic qualitative analysis of the costs and benefits of constructing embankments in the lower Bagmati River basin, which stretches across the Nepal Tarai and into northern Bihar. This paper analyzes the costs and benefits of both structural flood control measures, and a wide array of local, "people-centered" strategies.

Recently, there have been news items and discussions suggesting that the Gangotri glacier is melting at a rapid rate and it is likely that it will disappear in the next 20

Can Bihar avert another Kosi disaster? On September 16, the Special Task Force constituted by the prime minister put a figure on the destruction caused by floods in Bihar

A considerable amount of research has focused on how and when the Tibetan plateau formed in the wake of tectonic convergence between India and Asia1.

BHUBANESWAR: The controversy over the

This report focuses on three major river basins in South Asia: the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna, the Indus and the Helmand.

The present study deals with statistical analysis of physico-chemical parameters of ground water quality in Nambiyar river basin. The quality of ground water has been assessed by using correlation coefficient (r) between all parameters. A systematic correlation and regression study showed linear relationship among different water quality parameters.