Many rivers in India are shared resources, flowing through or between more than one province and more than one country. The combined effect of climatic stochasticity, rapid population growth and inefficient water infrastructure is increasing stress on river basin ecosystems.


The Mhadei Bachao Abhiyan (MBA) today alleged that the Karnataka Government is continuing with the Mhadei water diversion at Kankumbi against the direction of the Supreme Court.

MBA convenor Nirmala Sawant, who earlier in the day conducted a site visit at Kankumbi, told Herald that the work is on round-the-clock at the basin.

This IWMI-CPWF study assesses India

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THE Supreme Court has today directed the Union of India to file a status report on the inter-linking of rivers project. A Bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan, Justice P Sathasivam and Justice J M Panchal also directed the State of Kerala to reply to the affidavit filed by the State of Tamil Nadu.

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NEW DELHI: Disappointed at the slow pace of progress of the Inter-Linking of Rivers (ILR) programme, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Water Resources has asked the government to seek legal opinion on strengthening Central water laws for better implementation.

The Committee (2004-2005) took up the subject

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This paper explores the scope and sustainability of a self-enforcing cooperative agreement in the framework of a game theoretic model, where the upstream and downstream country, Burkina Faso and Ghana respectively in the Volta River Basin, bargain over the level of water abstraction in the upstream.


The Centre is in a fix, as state governments do not agree on Centre's version of inter-basin river water transfers. This further complicates the Centre's efforts to take forward the gigantic project of interlinking of rivers.