Similipal region in Orissa faces the prospects of drought if steps are not taken to halt the flow of pollutants into perennial streams

For the past several months, Delhi has been witness to a half hearted government being prodded by a determined Supreme Court to clean the Yamuna. In September 1999, when the court banned the discharge of industrial effluents into the river, several indust

...and how it leads to environmental degradation

Several social groups are trying to restore the link between Hinduism and the environment

How the environment sacred to Hindus is bearing the brunt of pollution in the name of religion

Simply put it is an amazing gap between theory and practice. Yet it is one of the main reasons why India's environment is as degraded as it is today. Followers of the Hindu way of life have forgotten the emphasis that is laid on nature, the environment an

Our Ecological Footprint: think of your city as an ecosystem - a book that aims to bring an environmental focus to mainstream education to make it more relevant. It helps teachers to: relook at the relationship between subjects in the curriculum and environment education; adopt methods of knitting its concepts into the regular curriculum; and equip them to conduct their own Ecological Footprint Project.

Polluted rivers are threatening ecosystems the worldover

The Pampa river in Kerala is dying a slow death