More than two years ago, the Union ministry of urban development and poverty alleviation moud issued a notification making wastewater recycling compulsory in Delhi. But the rules have not been enforced to date, with the capital s implementing agencies s

The Delhi High Court vacated the stay on eviction of settlers at Yamuna Pushta and cleared way for demolition of slums along the banks of the river. The division bench comprising Chief Justice B.C.

The Delhi High Court has imposed a stay order till on the campaign by the city authorities to simultaneously evict and relocate encroachers from Yamuna Pushta, an illegal hutment colony along the

The plan to beautify the Yamuna Pushta slum area and convert it into a into green belt, however, drew a cold response when only about 30 slum dwellers came forward for 'voluntary relocation'.

They are all making a beeline for the Yamuna. After Union Tourism and Culture Minister Jagmohan announced plans to beautify the Yamuna Pushta, it is now the turn of Youth Affairs and Sports Minister

Rivers are wellsprings of life. They give birth to civilisations, sustain livelihoods and sometimes even trigger wars. Rivers inspire awe and creativity. But in modern times, they are taken for granted: their flow checked by large dams, their waters sulli

Or political manoeuvre?

B y the looks of it, India is dipping into Vedic literature for more than just spiritual guidance. Experts want its message to be embodied in river cleaning schemes. In its observations on the

Project launched in J&K

Recently the banks of river Gomti in Lucknow were unusually abuzz. Some people were struggling to wade through the sewage enriched river to scoop up thousands of dead fish; the bystanders looked on, probably contemplating the peril their city s lifeline