NDA's promise on water is nothing more than words. And at best it means a lot of valuable taxpayer money literally thrown down the drain

The Supreme Court asks the Delhi government to maintain a minimum flow of water in the Yamuna

Courts in Delhi seem to be the only state institution fighting the menace of

The Delhi High Court ordered the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to

A study on polychlorinated biphenyls in five stations along the Yamuna river indicates the presence of high levels of these toxic pollutants in the water

The city of Shangqiu in central China's Henan Province is still polluting the Huaihe River. The river is a famous waterway in central and east China, and it runs through several provinces. The

The Delhi High Court has said that it will pass orders to shut down the Indraprastha Thermal Power plant in Delhi if immediate steps are not taken for treating effluents being discharged into the

Greenpeace activists from Brazil, Argentina, Spain, usa, Germany and Ghana cemented a discharge pipe belonging to a Dow Chemicals plant at Guaruja in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The pipe,

High morbidity levels reported in areas polluted by Grasim units

According to a survey carried out by a group of young students from Nepal and Japan, water flowing in Bagmati river in the Jorpati region of Nepal is heavily polluted. The students were from fourth