Reduced to being a receptacle of household and industrial wastes and victimised by lopsided development, the Yamuna, Delhi's lifeline, is crying out for attention

Come summer and the squabbling for water between Delhi and Haryana begins. Haryana was pulled up by the Supreme Court of India on February 24, for its failure to stop the leakage of highly

Environmental squads to monitor and control pollution may soon make their appearance all over the country, as per a recent Supreme Court order. The squads will mainly play the role of watchdogs,

THE residents of Indapur taluka near Puneire up in arms against the setting up ofthe 'Rs,650 crore mega paper project of Sinar @4ass Pulp & Paper (India) Ltd. In their neighbourhood.

In view of the pollution caused to the Reth river by the tanneries near Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh, the High Court has directed the state pollution control board to provide the details of the

Kerala finds its rivers drying up and beginning to die

A severe oil spill in the Russian arctics has bulldozed the environment and created resentment among the local people. As the government reels under its aftermath, the World Bank offers Russia a loan to mop up the spill

Not content with chemical methods of assessing the impact of pollution on a river's ecosystem, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has intensified its efforts to develop a method that uses

The proposed Arun III dam in Nepal has come under fire. The World Bank's newly established investigation panel, which deals with complaints from people adversely affected by the Bank's projects, has

THERE will be few who will disagree with the Supreme Court judgement that over Rs 420 crore have been washed away in the first phase of the Ganga Action Plan (GAP) Without any significant