The new road tax rates, which will come into force after a notification is issued, on vehicles of different categories will range from 2 to 10 per cent of their cost
Now if you want to buy a Land Cruiser, a Honda CRV or any other luxury vehicle, be prepared to pay a whopping 10 per cent of its cost in road tax.

The B K Chaturvedi Committee, set up to recommend ways to expedite the National Highways Development Project, seems to have been guided by the misconception that infrastructure can be built by simply doling out additional concessions to the investors.

Singapore is the first city in the world to implement electronic road pricing (ERP) in September 1998. The ERP or congestion pricing system was successful for one important reason - the city operates a widely accessible public transport system (road and rail) which can support the shift to car-free transport.

This paper reviews the methods and technologies for congestion pricing of roads. Congestion tolls can be implemented at scales ranging from individual lanes on single links to national road networks. Tolls can be differentiated by time of day, road type and vehicle characteristics, and even set in real time according to current traffic conditions.

This paper reviews the literature on the fiscal policy
instruments commonly used to reduce transport sector
externalities. The findings show that congestion charges
would reduce vehicle traffic by 9 to 12 percent and
significantly improve environmental quality. The vehicle
tax literature suggests that every 1 percent increase in
vehicle taxes would reduce vehicle miles by 0.22 to 0.45

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Ahmedabad: This novel technology of road repair could be an eye opener for state roads, building departments and the seven municipal corporations of Gujarat.

This report seeks to examine the merits of a range of different policies that offer the prospect of CO2 emissions reduction from road transport. In particular it considers the role of policies that target the

This paper begins with an exposition and interpretation of the welfare optimum, defined in neoclassical economic theory as a heuristic device and a guide to policy, rather than as a description of the real world. In this view, a dynamic real-world economy is necessarily at variance with Walrasian equilibrium

The Commission has proposed an end to the ban on member states charging lorry operators for the external costs of road use, but it has put a limit on the charges that may be imposed.

Switzerland is the only European country where road user charges that internalize external costs of transport are applied. The scheme involves a per km charge for all heavy-duty vehicles on all Swiss roads.