The flowering of the bamboo is bad news for the people in Mizoram

Birds and mammals are dying after eating rodents which have consumed rodenticides

A CAT scanner developed at the Tennessee-based Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is allowing geneticists to watch the effects of a genetic mutation on the organs of a living animal. Called the

THE bandicoots living in a predator-proof section of the Woodlands Historic Reserve north of Melbourne, Australia, have declined from 600 to about 20 over the past two years, largely due to

According to a new study, mole rats often use wood as a "pollution mask' to avoid breathing fine dust. The mole rats, Heterocephalus glaber, place a wood shaving or tuber husk between their lips and

The world's biggest exporter of rice now faces a serious threat: rodents. Peasants, struggling with the country's hard hit economy, are breeding Nutria coypu , or beaver rats, in a bid to make

A gene that determines coat colours in mice and affects cellular calcium might hold valuable clues to understanding human ailments like obesity

Genetically engineered test mice provide the ray of light in thalassaemia research

The birth of a mouse in a petri dish the end result of the use of an effective technique to manipulate oocytes heralds a new era in reproductive biology

The Panay cloudrunner -a rodent- like nocturnal mammal -previously unknown to science, has been discovered in the island of Panay in the central Philippines. The arboreal rodent which has been