REDD+ has become an important component in the discussions on climate change and forest governance, but there is further need to understand the linkages with local governance and the challenges for its implementation.

The Government of Denmark joined hands with Government of Nepal in 1999 to support for the renewable energy sector through the Energy Sector Assistance Programme (ESAP) under Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment for the five years with the objective of "improving the living conditions of rural pop

The report is a compilation of key parameters of operations of the 500-KW Kabbigere plant set up in Tumkur district in Karnataka as part of the UNDP supported GEF funded ‘Biomass Energy for Rural India’ project.

This paper explores the emerging concept of ‘energy delivery models’, looking at the nuts and bolts of how energy is delivered from resource to user, focusing on how to reach the poor in terms of energy access and opportunities in the supply chain.

NEW DELHI, 9 OCT: Amid the controversy over limiting subsidised LPG cylinders, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said the government recognises that some subsidies have to be given to the rural p

Amid the controversy over cap on subsidised LPG cylinders, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said the government recognises that some subsidy has to be given for rural poor for cooking gas and el

Even as the Reliance Energy Limited (REL)-managed distribution companies have been flouting all the agreements, silence of the State Government has baffled many.

This is compendium of 28 success stories different parts of India, of the zeal to bring about change, a determination to surpass barriers in access to energy, and a drive to adopt and promote renewable energy technologies to suit local requirements.

The goal of this report is to inform investors about the potential of solar minigrid technologies to serve India’s rural market. India, a rapidly emerging economy with the world’s second largest population, is facing a surging energy demand.

PATNA, 26 AUG: Basic infrastructure development is “very very poor” in north and eastern India, rural development minister Jairam Ramesh said today while suggesting that time had come for revisitin