More than 60 years after Independence the fate of the poor and rural people in India does not seem to be changing despite several measures initiated by governments in the states and the Centre. Lack of accurate data is one of the reasons listed for this.

The problem of chronic hunger that afflicts around 10 million rural people in West Bengal has largely been ignored. What is the Left Front government doing to alleviate the situation? May 3-9, 2008

Congress national general secretary and MP, Rahul Gandhi has set out to know the pain of the public and to understand country's plight in villages. He has been amidst the villagers in Madhya Pradesh for last several days. He takes night halt at any poor man's residence in villages and days are spent treading the paths of villages. Rahul wants to have a closer watch of India and its public and is trying to understand. He meets poor people with sympathy and asks about the schemes implemented by the Union government.

On the occasion of May Day, the State's rural poor, particularly the seasonal agricultural labourers, have much to complain about the flagship employment scheme which gives the citizens the right to demand for work. The much touted National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) which came into effect from February 2006 with an outlay of Rs 16,419 crore for the initial year has come a cropper in the State with all the provisions of the Act being openly flouted.

It's like Diwali for Pramila Bai, an anganwadi worker in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. Since Saturday she has been busy whitewashing her single-storey house and doing it up, while also arranging for food and toasting freshly-plucked

Mainstreaming gender and engendering development has now become a part of feminist and development discourse. This paper is a case study of the mv Foundation, which has implemented its programme of "Empowering Women through Collective Action' in the Ranga Reddy district of Andhra Pradesh.

Widespread discontent among the people has plagued the Indian polity for sometime now. It has often led to unrest, sometimes of a violent nature. Over the years, statutory enactments and institutional mechanisms for addressing the various aspects

GOVINDSAMY AGORAMOORTHY In January this year I visited the Rajasthan part of the Chambal valley to study a water resources management project implemented by the

The judgment one reaches on what the current year's Budget will do for farmers will vary depending on whether its provisions are seen as a sui generis exercise or are viewed within a longer term per

The government's 11th Five-Year Plan initiative to spread micro-land ownership across the country has the potential to help 50 lakh people (or 1 lakh families) to secure land over the next five year