The northeast has been badly affected by ethnic strife. DILIP GOGOI of Cotton College, Guwahati, on its vulnerability Are ethnic conflicts more frequent in the northeast compared to other parts

parshit Kurmi, a daily-wage labourer in Delhi since 1991, was puzzled when he was told that the government's latest estimate had found poverty levels were coming down. For the past 16 years, Kurmi's

The idea of defining poverty in terms of a poverty line was first introduced during the India Labour Conference in 1957. A working group under the Planning Commission then stipulated a poverty line

Should we feel comfortable with the latest government claim that unemployment is coming down? The government says unemployment has come down due to growth. During the 2006-07 budget, finance minister

Homo sapien as an urban, undeveloped species >> From 1950 to 2000, the urban population of the world quadrupled

The Union budget 2007-08 will very likely slash development funds for the most backward regions of India by more than 48 per cent, say sources at the Union ministry of Panchayati Raj. Government is


In rural Vidharbha, theatre is thriving probably because of a play that has struck chord with agriculturists here. Called Atma Hatya, the play has drawn daily audiences in excess of 5,000. "We

Despite having burned its fingers with export processing zones, which mainly involved a number of substantial fiscal benefits, the government has gone into overdrive to push its new policy on special economic zones. The difference, this time around, is th

Tax breaks Public money for private gain