A report from the UN and the CGIAR consortium reveals that land degradation due to salt build-up is causing damages in some 75 countries, estimated at more than US$27 billion per year.

KARACHI: Fishermen residing in the remote coastal villages in the Indus Delta do not know how many wells and fresh water ponds in their villages have turned saline.

The Atlantic Ocean has masked global warming this century by soaking up vast amounts of heat from the atmosphere in a shift likely to reverse from around 2030 and spur fast temperature rises, scien

According the US Geological Survey, we have a salt problem.

The United Nations is teaming up with top sailors to conduct scientific research in remote areas of the oceans during a nonstop race around the globe.

Environmentalists have warned that vast stretches of coastal arable land in Bangladesh may become barren because of an alarming rise in salinitydue toa climate change-triggered rise in sea level.

People residing in the coastal belt of Kozhikode have been forced to stand in long queues in front of the limited number of public taps to fetch water.

Following complaints by fishermen and the Velim panchayat over the mortality of shellfish in the catchment area of River Sal along Velim, Betul and Cutbona, the government on Monday launched an inv

Washington: Scientists, including an Indian-origin researcher, have identified a set of genes that could be key to the development of the next generation of tough and disease-resistant 'super rice'

The country's hydro-geologists have found fresh aquifers across the eighteen coastal districts, ushering new hope for 50 million salinity-prone people, gripped by severe drinking water scarcity.