Experts have asked for a second dolphin reserve in Pakistan to house the blind river dolphin in the wake of a study on the impact of a hydroelectric station at the Tunsa barrage

STATE-SPONSORED conservation of natural resources in India has been in existence for many centuries and has been carried out in a variety of ways. Today, the generic term of "protected areas"

For the development and maintenance of a viable wildlife protected area network in the country, various steps are needed. Identification of the areas to be declared as national parks or sanctuaries, on the basis of their ecological value and their administrative viability.

This report presents forest cover situation in the country based on the visual interpretation of landsat imagery pertaining to the period 1985-87.

Rooted truth is a short documentary on SAI sanctuary. A private model sanctuary created by Anil and Pameela. The passionate couple have a great message on how a small group can make tremendous impact on nature conservation. Sai sanctuary located at the heart of western ghats now spread across 300 acres and hosts a variety of wild species including some of the critically endangered species . Save Animal Initiative probably is the first private wildlife sanctuary in India and a living exemplary model of conservation that private individuals and entities can follow to save our depleting natural environments.

Petition terming proximity to colony as eco-hazard submitted to Ramesh

Residents of Sukhdev Vihar in South Delhi are up in arms against a waste-to-energy plant coming up 150 metres away from the colony

Pollution, poaching claim mammals as blueprint prepared by conservator gathers dust

Rajmahal, Jan. 5: The friendly Gangetic dolphin is on the verge of extinction in Sahebganj, one of the few pockets in the country having maximum density of this fresh water mammal.

It is a bird sanctuary and the State

Residents File PIL Against Memorial
Megha Suri & Neha Lalchandani

Excise sleuths busted five large scale moonshine producing plants, cleverly hidden in a few islands in the Madampa river, declared by the Government as a sanctuary due to its unique bio-diversity features. The Madampa river joins the ocean near Ambalangoda, and the wetland which surrounds the area, has the reputation of being the breeding ground for many endangered species of plants and animals.