Recent deer deaths reveal the vulnerability of animals even in their natural habitat

a 500 square kilometre stretch of rain forest has been discovered in Assam. The discovery was made by Saumyadeep Dutta, an environmentalist. This was reported in The Times of India.

The Madras high court has issued an order to stay the proposed state government's plan to expand the area of Madumalai Sanctuary in Nilgiri district. A government order dated July 23 brought Segur

a ban on tourism in core areas of national parks and a general ceiling on visitors to sanctuaries, tiger reserves and other protected areas (pa), have been proposed in the revised guidelines for

Current conservation policies have done more harm than good

The Okavango ariver's delta in Botswana, a wildlife sanctuary that has so far been able to protect itself from the ravages of human intrusion, is currently under threat from surrounding regions

Community Development Activities claimed by INDAL at Durgamanwadi

Restrictions on use of natural resources in protected areas are driving the local communities dependent on forest produce for their survival to a state of deprivation. Conservation strategies can be sustainable only when it involves indigenous people in t

WHICH wildlife sanctuary in India is the world's only floating sanctuary? And, did you know the giant clam lays one billion eggs at a time? These are some of the fascinating facts on natural life put

IT WAS a strange case of politicians taking out their venom on snakes. Angry CPM workers in Kerala vandalised and set fire to the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park in Kannur. The reason for the wanton