Hardly a week passes without a report on attacks on livestock and humans by crocodiles from the Bhitarakanika sanctuary in Orissa. Saltwater crocodiles in the breeding centre in Bhitarakanika often

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Orissa first drafted a comprehensive rehabilitation policy back in 1994, but that was never enacted. Currently, the state draws up R&R policies on industry-specific basis.

Another UNDP/DFID aided draft was presented to the state revenue department on 8 July 2005. After sitting on the draft since last year, the state now wants the 5-member ministerial committee, headed by Industries and Law Minister Biswabhushan Harichandan, to review the draft and submit a report within a month.

As disturbed forests increase in protected areas in the tropics there is a clear need to assess their conservation values through studies of their vegetation and animal communities. However, Thai protected area managers lack data on how ecosystems respond after human disturbances. It was therefore the aim of this research to provide some guidelines to determine the changes in vegetation cover following abandoned settlement areas and the relationship between abandoned settlement areas and bird assemblages.

Secondary succession in tropical areas following recent human disturbances is becoming more common. This is particularly evident in regions of tropical rainforests, long valued by conservationists for their remarkable species diversity.

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