The price of mindless relocation

Hydropower is northeast India s biggest resource. But the manner in which the Subansiri Lower Project SLP is being implemented forces nitin sethi to ask: how should this growth potential be tapped?

The Workshop on Exploring the Possibilities of Joint Management of Protected Areas in India was held at the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, on 1-3 September 1994. This report is based on notes taken by the organisers and rapporteurs at the workshop, as also on the taped proceedings.

This book is first of its kind to embody subjects like wildlife conservation and management, ethical, ecological and recreational importance of wildlife, endangered flora and fauna of India

The Bilirangan Temple Sanctuary in Karnataka bristles with angry Soligas. Their sustenance denied, the tribals deliberate their next move

The Ministry of of Environment and Forests had been bringing out forest statistics based on the data received from the States/UTs. Efforts have been made in the Ministry in obtaining and compiling the data from the States/UTs on important parameters relating to forestry and wildlife and bringing it out in the form of a compilation "Forests and wildlife statistics, India 2004".

It has become difficult to find frogs and toads in Assam

The Central Empowered Committee (CEC) has stayed the granting of lease to the J K Industries-owned Central Pulp Mill to extract bamboo from Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary in Bharuch

Why are we, as a nation, so non serious about following through on actions? Is it the curse of a foreign language in which we act, but not think, that we pick up words and so believe the deed, too,

April 2003 saw two diverse regions in India take a similar decision. Both partially opened the door to tourism in hitherto protected belts. One is a high altitude state; the other a union territory is an archipelago of 348 islands. Just like their dis