April 2003 saw two diverse regions in India take a similar decision. Both partially opened the door to tourism in hitherto protected belts. One is a high altitude state; the other a union territory is an archipelago of 348 islands. Just like their dis

The recent events in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in northern Kerala has had an impact on the state government. Why else would it crank up its public relations machine to put a positive spin to a state sponsored drive to evict tribals?

Afterwards, an eerie silence envelops the field. There is only the crop

healing power: An Indian research team has been granted the rights to develop the curative potential of jamun (black plum fruit). The team has obtained a US patent on a compound extracted from

The Wildlife Protection Act Amendment Bill has been passed in the current parliament session. Down To Earth had invited experts to comment on the Bill before it became an Act

Against windmills in Karnataka s protected Bababudangiri hills

Painted storks, spoonbills, ducks, pelicans and black-winged stilts

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Thailand policymakers volte face on community forestry bill jolts devolution process

Confusion over move to close down Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary