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ground fire of an unusual kind

The forests and the environment minister of Bangladesh Sajeda Chowdhury, has urged the country's Jahangirnagar University authorities not to lease out its water bodies as it will disturb the

The jungles of the Indian subcontinent, home to an amazing array of wildlife, attracted many hunters and naturalists, several of whom have recounted their encounters with animals in the wild. This anthology brings together a wide-ranging selection of writings, covering mainly the period of the British Raj, about the hunt in its myriad forms.

The last century has witnessed a remarkable change in attitudes to wildlife, with the focus shifting from conquest for slaughter towards conservation. The new class of naturalists gives equal attention to smaller animals and trees, as evident in the pieces on the blackbuck, the wild dog, the turtle, the cobra, and the comings and goings at a waterhole in summer.

Environmentalists have stoutly opposed the construction of the proposed Dharma port in Orissa. According to Banka Behari Das, an eminent environmentalist in the state, the government should not allow

The Orissa High Court has directed the state government to declare the entire forest land within the Bhitarkanike wildlife sanctuary as a reserve forest. The sanctuary, rich with biomass, has been at

Plans to develop Salim Ali s dream bird sanctuary lie unattended to

Should the police be put in charge of sanctuaries and the locals who live near these? Should India be made into a police state?

THE lions are going on a safari to see humans being evicted. At stake is the culture and lifestyle of a community of tribals, primarily forest-gatherers, rich in the knowledge of traditional herbs