The solid waste collection work carried out by private firms will now be monitored by officials to check their efficiency. The long tussle between the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and DWM, a private company which collects and dumps garbage from three zones of the city, will be sorted out by the installation of a tower which will monitor the work of garbage disposal by DWM.

Dhaka city produces tonnes of solid wastes everyday. Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) does not have any sanitary landfill for ultimate disposal of solid waste and for a long time it is a common practice of DCC to dipose off solid waste in open low lying areas without any segregation andf soil cover.

There are many challenges regarding the safe disposal of municipal solid waste in India. Recent attempts have been concerned with finding ways to provide safe and sanitary disposal for solid waste so that our environment is no longer damaged by polluting, open dumps. This document is intended for decisionmakers who are concerned with reducing the pollution and health hazards that are caused by the uncontrolled disposal of thousands of tons of waste each day in open dumps. It will also be helpful for decisionmakers who are concerned with urban governance and urban management.

Burnt or buried, garbage needs land