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As many as 18,000 toilets will be constructed this year under the "Swaccha Grama Yojane" in Bangalore Rural district, Bangalore Rural Zilla Panchayat President G Narasimhaswamy informed the ninth

The melting of Arctic permafrost could accelerate global warming. Scie

Antibacterial ingredients in soap may be encouraging the growth of bacteria

California, USA, is planning to introduce a toilet-to-tap programme to solve the prevailing water shortage problem in the state. The planned project will include a three-year trial period during

• The highly endangered bird kharmore ( lesser florican ) has been sighted in village Tarkhedi, about 70 kilometres from Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh. • India has joined an

A bacterial disease kills 42 people in India

To tackle the killer disease ravaging South Africa, the government s health policy will have to undergo a drastic change

A good society knows how to clean its rubbish. But instead of setting an example for the world through its traditional handling of human excreta, Japan is following unsustainable Western models of sewage treatment

1888 Tokyo Municipal Improvement Commission set up; this came about after the cholera epidemics of 1879 and 1886 in which over 100,000 people suffered got the disease. 1889 A report filed by

2000 Millennium Cartoon Calendar On Water And The Poor
By Water and Sanitation Programme South Asia , New Delhi, 2000
Sketches by: Sudhir Dar