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• Adopting modern accrual-based double entry accounting system with e-governance features such as GIS and MIS

• Reform of property tax with GIS

A voluminous document promises "the translation of visions into missions, missions into actions and actions into outcomes'.

A requirement for separating urine is an appropriate toilet (where men also have to sit to urinate) or a dry urinal, both of which are commercially available. The urine-separating toilet appears similar to a conventional toilet, but the bowl is separated into two sections by a central wall. The front bowl is intended for collecting urine, the rear bowl for collecting solid waste. Each bowl can be flushed independently. The toilet also reduces the amount of water needed for flushing. The urine is collected in tanks and periodically transported to a special purification installation.

Slums dumped out of sight

The Concerned Citizen's Commission, a coalition of citizens groups, has submitted its enquiry report on the Mumbai deluge of July 26, 2005. The report holds poor drainage, sanitation and waste management system to be primarily responsible for the floods. But the Maharashtra government is yet to pay heed to the report. Rather, it is busy de-silting river Mithi, a task inaugurated a few weeks ago.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) related to sanitation rely on flushing systems. Uno Winblad, senior adviser, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Sweden, tells S V Suresh Babu that the ecosan approach can do the job much better