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The MEF draws up an ambitious plan for the management of municipal solid wastes

the Municipal Corporation of Dehi ( mcd ) has finally found a productive way of getting rid of the city's garbage. In a month's time, the first private-run compost plant is likely to begin

A cholera

THE Calcutta Municipal Corporation (cmc) has decided to ban plastic carrybags from next year. The move comes before the formulation of a national policy on the ban of plastic bags. According

The Sulabh International, a social organisation, celebrated, Independence Day by launching a number of welfare schemes. These included educational facilities for oppressed classes, awareness

HC : Describing the conditions in schools run by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) as "horrible" the Delhi High Court today ordered the capital's civic body to provide them within four weeks

Life expectancy in India will be 71 by the year 2025, says the latest World Health Report

Though Parliament enacted a legislation some time ago banning carrying of night soil by scavengers, the Act is being flagrantly violated in the constituency of Union home minister Indrajit Gupta. The