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Less water will now be needed while you use the toilet. The US government has passed a law restricting toilet flushes to a maximum of 1.6 gallons (about 7 .3Iitres} per flush. Eljer Industries

WHEN everything from paper to refrigerator is going green, can toilets be far behind? Indian railways are introducing eco-friendly toilets on trains. Thanks to the new toilets fitted with a device

The achievements of Habitat I have been limited. This was so because of the economic crisis of the '805. According to official statistics, at least 280 million urban and more than 800 million rural

Samar Baruskar was arrested on December 14, 1994, by the Sion police in Bombay for trespassing in a private building. He was looking for a toilet. The small plot of land that the residents of nearby

A massive sanitation drive is afoot in Bangladesh, says a Panos report. Inspired by the success of joint government and NGO initiatives in Barisal, the target for 1995 is to extend sanitary coverage

Scientists have discovered living fossils -- 23 adult and 16 juvenile historic (how old?) pine plants -- in an inaccessible region of the Wollemi National Park, Blue Mountain region, 200 km west of

A British geologist has found the first living proof of the idea that life on earth may have begun in hot subterranean crucibles. Five hundred metres below the Sea of Japan, John Parkes of Bristol

British scientists at the Zeneca a multinational seed company, claim that they are on the verge of developing a "natural biodegradable plastic" from rapeseed (canola) oil. Tony Fentem, the project

Feeding non-infective bacteria to infants may protect them from diarrhoea, a recent study concludes (The Lancet, Vol 344, No 8929). Jose Saavedra and colleagues at the Johns Hopkins University

Clean-air campaigners can't always pin down the source of a pollutant, by no means an easy task at best. Now, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have devised a way to solve the