PUNE: Farmers' agitation over cane price has intensified in top sugar producer Maharashtra with the state government refusing to intervene and the sugar mills announcing first advance of cane payme

A stillness pervades the 300-acre farm in Banpuri village. The farmer and his family have locked up and left to make a living elsewhere.

Karad City is situated on the bank of confluence of river Krishna & Koyana, which is severely flood prone area. The floodwaters enter the city through the roads and disrupt the infrastructure in the whole city. Furthermore, due to negligence of the authorities and unplanned growth of the city, the people living in the city have harnessed the natural flow of water by constructing unnecessary embankments in the river Koyna. Due to this reason now river koyna is flowing in the form of a narrow channel, which very easily over-flows during very minor flooding.

Sangli/Satara: Open trailers packed with families and cattle have become a common sight along Maharashtra’s highways — a telling sign of the distress the drought in 15 districts of the state has br

If the Census figures are anything to go by, the dry plateau regions of Satara have been witnessing a slow but steady migration.

Even as the villagers in dried-up Satara stare at a bleak future, their eyes look accusingly at the green measures that have come up in these dry hinterlands—the numerous windmills aimed to provide

Maharashtra possibly has among the worst track records when it comes to learning a thing or two from a crisis.

After last year’s failed rainfall dried up most wells and the depeleting water table drove the hand pumps to a trickle, farmers in the nearly 200 villages in Mann and Khatav talukas in Satara are n

Baramati: In a region where farmers either work in the fields or breed cows, milk production is the indicator for the impact of the drought on the latter section.

With little assistance forthcoming, 41 of them have been threatening to push for merger with Karnataka

Malabai Solankar has been waiting since 6 a.m. on Saturday to collect fodder at a makeshift depot in Sordi village in Sangli's Jath taluka. Now well past noon, she is struggling to not to lose her patience, as are others gathered there. Located on the Maharashtra border, Sordi is part of 41 villages that have been threatening to push for merger with neighbouring Karnataka if the Maharashtra government fails to provide relief in view of the current drought.