The efforts of South Asian countries at cooperation in the field of science and technology have a long way to go

R w Schoenlein and his collaborators at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, US, have reported the generation of ultrashort pulses of X- rays using an infrared laser. The X- rays have a wavelength

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), US, is planning to improve the EGRET (energetic gamma-ray experiment telescope) -the best high energy gamma-ray instrument installed

Particle physicists are planning to make the largest linear accelerator called the Next Linear Collider (NLC), which, though not as powerful as the Large Hadron Collider, will complement it. Most

Development of new carbon thin films could translate into protective covering for a wide range of products

The much loved video cassette recorder is going down into the technological dustbin

Orion Systems has come up with a new software that helps you to hunt for criminals on the intranet

A robot will now allow disabled people to become independent of helpers at work and at home

Lasers passed through a fluoride glass doped with rare elements could end the search for genuine three dimensional images

The newly discovered method of lasing in conjugated polymer microcavities may herald bright possibilities for the electronics industry