Researchers have finally brought the controversy around 'gay gene' theory to an end. A study conducted on gay siblings revealed the existence of genetic material on an X-chromosome segment which

A link has been established between aging and cell division by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, California. Earlier tests had shown that cells growing in culture medium stopped

Why do females sometimes reject transplants from males? This mysal tery was partially solved recently, when a cell marker that makes male tissues unacceptable to females was identified by two

Still a source of wonder for some, no great shakes for others, the recent total solar eclipse was a memorable spectacle

Display technology all set to cover new ground

Computer imaging of the human brain promises to open new vistas for medical scientists

A GENE test that predicts when one will die? This seemingly speculative theory bas now become a distinct reality, thanks to fresh research carried out at the Rockfeller University,

Researchers take apart the mystery behind the ties that bind cells in multicellular organisms

That time is not very far off when children will ask: when are we buying a CD recorder, Papa?

Human work done over 57,000 years would be accomplished in one second flat by a wonder computer developed by the US