Botulinum toxin, a poison used in many chemical weapons, might prove to be a boon for people who perspire excessively. Scientists claim that the chemical can cure excessive perspiration. A disorder

Hydroelectricity can now be generated without the need of costly civil works and installation of complex machinery

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a non-governmental organisation providing agricultural scientists a forum to Interact on important agricultural issues, released a policy paper

Fishes seem to be developing ways to detect and avoid high frequency sonars that trawlers use to locate them

A furore over the ethics of the new eugenics reproduction technologies that could create 'designer' babies has the medical community worldwide in a fix.

The new trade order ordained by GATT affects India's entire economy. Some consider it a new form of colonialism, but others see it as a bountiful opportunity.

Remember how Hansel and Gretel followed a trail of bread crumbs back home? Australian scientists have engineered an industrial robot that spits out camphor, which it can later detect and follow. The

IF YOU are reluctant to leave bed on a dark, winter morning, stay right in there. People who wake up early in winters might be cutting short their required sleep, inviting unforeseen health problems

If there is one thing a mouse cannot stand, it is the smell of other mice. Male mice with high levels of testosterone -- a male sex hormone -- mark their territories by secreting an oil in their

With the demise of Sunil K Roy, often described as "a soldier, diplomat, administrator and environmentalist, all in one", environment has lost one of its best friends. Starting his career in the army