Farmers Diary - Recalling biodiversity, farming the Agnihotra way. Homa farming is a system which comes from ancient science of Vedas. Homa is a Sanskrit word used here synonymously with Yajnya. Yajnya is the technical term from the Vedic science of bio energy denoting the process of removing the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the

SIVASAGAR, Feb 7 – Muga, or the “golden silk”, has always been the pride of Assam. Over the years, muga silk has become a unique part of Assamese culture and tradition.

London: The Spider-Man web, which helps him snare bad guys and swing among the city’s skyscrapers, is closer to reality, say scientists who have created genetically modified silkworms which can spi

The Jammu and Kashmir Agriculture Minister Ghulam Hassan Mir has said the cocoon production in the state has increased to 1,900 metric tonnes this year and has yielded Rs 11 crore this fiscal.

Akole (Ahmednagar district)/Etapalli (Gadchiroli district): Until a few years ago, farm yields in the tribal areas of Akole tehsil in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district were very low and people foun

This manual on Animal Husbandry Statistics is one of series of manuals on statistical indicators proposed to be brought out by the CSO.

Firm alleges officials colluded with rival company Hospet, Boundaries marked by the revenue department were found missing when officials of the Survey of India came here for a survey of the iron ore mines as per the High Court order, S C Partha of the Survey of India has said.

Aims at better price realisation for farmers by using technologies
The State government has come out with an

Being the largest cocoon market in the State with business of over a crore rupees being transacted daily, Shidlaghatta is the preferred destination of traders seeking the best raw silk.

Of the total 80,000 hectares under mulberry cultivation in the State, half of them are in Kolar and Shidlaghatta taluks.

But the government

Jorhat, Feb. 10: The Central Muga Eri Research and Training Institute (CMERTI) at Lahdoigarh on the eastern outskirts of Jorhat town is undertaking a number of infrastructure development projects to facilitate transfer of know-how to silk farmers and weavers, personnel of the department of sericulture and other non-government organisations.

The director of the institute, R.K.