The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation has released the report titled “ Key Indicators of Household Expenditure on Services and Durable Goods” based on the related information collected during July, 2014 to June 2015 as part of NSS 72nd Round.

Dried sewage sludge could be recycled by adding it to cement to make concrete, researchers in Malaysia have discovered.

The Asian Development Bank signed a $300-million equivalent loan facility with Beijing Capital Group on Thursday to support wastewater treatment upgrades in the western part of China.

Portmarnock, Claremont and Sutton among seven beaches affected by sewage contamination

The Indian Railways has installed a waste to energy (WtE) plant for biodegradable waste in its residential colony at Kishanganj in Delhi and has plans to build two more WtE projects at New Delhi and Jaipur railway stations.

Coral reefs - stunning, critical habitats for an enormous array of prized fish and other species - have survived five major extinction events over the last 250 million years.

Biological treatment, composting, in particular, is a relatively simple, durable and inexpensive alternative for stabilizing and reducing biodegradable waste. Co-composting of different waste sources allows to enhance the compost nutrient value.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Suo Motu Uttarakhand Human Rights Commission Vs. Chief Secretary, Govt. Of Uttarakhand & Ors. dated 06/05/2016 regarding disposal of sewage generated in various towns of Uttarakhand.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Flow of Sewage into River, 03/05/2016. Discharge of untreated and partially treated sewage from cities / towns and industrial effluents constitute a major source of pollution in rivers. As per the report published by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in February 2015, 302 polluted river stretches have been identified on 275 rivers based on Bio-chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) levels, a key indicator of organic pollution. The State-wise details are at Annexure.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Discharge of Effluents into Lakes, 03/05/2016. According to National Wetland Inventory Atlas published by the Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad in 2011, there are a total of 7,57,060 wetlands, including lakes and other water bodies, in the country.