Shimla: In a bid to harness solar energy in a big way, Himachal Pradesh government has decided to develop Shimla and Hamirpur as

BY DISTRIBUTING compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) to 16.5 lakh households, Himachal Pradesh conserved about 270 million units of energy worth Rs 100 crore in a year.

The Union Ministry of Power has approved a loan of Rs 81.07 crore for upgradation of power infrastructure to help reduce energy losses of 14 major towns of the state under the restructured accelerated power development and reform programme.

NGOs join hands against govt move

Over 500 environmentalists, social activists, non-governmental organisations and individuals from all over the country have come under the banner of

The government has decided to cancel seven small hydroelectric projects allotted to independent power producers (IPPs), who had failed to start work in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in the memorandums of understanding (MoUs).

The Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) has now officially introduced water rationing in the state capital, announcing supply of drinking water every third day for an hour.

the wildlife department of Himachal Pradesh is now in a muddle. Its pheasant-breeding programme lacks experts. The Rs 5-crore Sarahan pheasantry, which saw the world's first-ever successful captive

south Asia's only open-air natural

The beautiful resort is fast greying under the onslaught of modernity