The state government has approved detailed project reports (DPR) of five Rural Water Supply Schemes amounting to Rs 860.22 lakh for the districts of Kangra, Mandi and Shimla for funding under NABAR

Orchardists say the move will ruin apple economy

Residents, mainly apple and vegetable growers in the Chopal-Nerwa-Tharoach apple belt, are against the proposed move to set up a 1-million tonne capacity cement plant near Nerwa here. They plead that the plant will ruin the apple and vegetable economy and spell doom for dense deodar jungle and Churdhar wildlife sanctuary in the scenic Chopal valley.

The previous BJP government’s much-hyped “Har Ghar Ko Nal” ended as a political slogan with its term in 2012.

Local residents feel the Tribunal order will spell doom for the tourism industry

With no provision to run the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or electric buses and taxis, the Manali Hoteliers’ Association (MHA) and the Manali Paryavaran and Vikas Mandal (MPVM) have requested National Green Tribunal (NGT) chairman Swatantra Kumar to review the order of banning the entry of vehicles beyond Vashisht Barrier.

Mountains are early and important indicators of climate change wwhic depict far-reaching consequences on our ecosystem, agriculture and livelihood of the farmers. The Himalayan mountain ecosystem is also facing serious challenges posed by climate change due to increasing aridity, warmer winter season, and variability in receiving and variability in receiving precipitation and snow.

The piercing cold wave tightened its grip in the state as the minimum temperature dropped by a few notches following another spell of moderate snowfall in high-altitude tribal areas and scattered r

Biting cold wave conditions abated in the state as the minimum temperature increased by a few notches and the weather remained dry due to overcast skies.

Higher reaches in tribal areas of Keylong, Udaipur and Kalpa had recorded 2 cm of fresh snow.

Men are outnumbering women tuberculosis (TB) patients in the state.

Patna is at the bottom of the 50 liveable cities of India, while Mumbai is at the top.

Though temperature in the lower and middle belts of the state showed a marginal increase with partial sunshine during the day, tribal and higher reaches of the state continue to remain in the grip