This paper presents the first results of a study conducted on subjective expectations that parents have about the costs and returns to education. This is done by using a detailed child-level dataset from the three villages of Dokur (Mahbubnagar district, Andhra Pradesh), Kalman and Shirapur (Sholapur district, Maharashtra).

More than half the sugar produced so far this year in Maharashtra

Around 47,600 new vehicles were added to the vehicle population in the city in 2010, of which 32,844 were two-wheelers. The number of fatalities also increased at an alarming rate of 34%, compared to 2009.

While commercial vehicles increased by 11,006, Puneites purchased 4,727 new cars in 2010.

In this paper an attempt has been made to analyse the agricultural landuse pattern at micro level in Solapur District. This study is based on secondary data collected from secondary records. Agriculture production is influenced by physical, climatological, socio-economic, technological and organization factors.

Experts wonder if the heaviest flying bird in the world, found only in India, is going the way of the Cheetah
HE 8,000 sq km Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary in Solapur, Maharashtra, is set to get a drastic cut: down to 1,200 sq km.

In Madhya Pradesh, the Karera Wildlife sanctuary, dedicated to the Bustard, is facing denotification.

BS III, II fuel availability causes confusion in 13 cities.

Murali Gopalan

One month into the new clean fuel regime finds the auto sector struggling with vehicle supply schedules and facing the prospect of stocks not being registered in metros with tighter emission norms.

Maharashtra is one of the six states of India where Great Indian Bustards are still seen. The Jawaharlal Nehru Bustard Sanctuary of Maharashtra is located in Ahmednagar and Solapur districts which are drought prone and semi-arid. In 1975 the Drought Prone Areas Programme (DPAP), financed by the World Bank was initiated in Solapur District.

SOLAPUR: In the State

Maharashtra wants to denotify Maldhok bustard sanctuary IN A closed-door meeting on February 20, the Maharashtra government and the state wildlife board agreed to reduce the size of Maldhok sanctuary

Mumbai: Wildlife experts are fuming over recent decisions made by the Maharashtra State Wildlife Board (SWB), alleging that the board has been acting against the interests of wildlife.

The board met hurriedly on February 20, without prior notice to members and without issuing an agenda.