Even as industrialists are running out of time to avail of the special tax holidays granted under the Central industrial package, which is ending this month, country

Villagers question logic behind giving water to Delhi by submerging Himachal

The key purpose of this document is to provide an assessment of impacts of Renuka dam from the point of view of those to be affected and analyze the issues in the frame-work of community rights, resource ownership, use and distribution. The role of the state and its policies in the dispossession of local communities, in the context of this project, has been critically reviewed.

Chander Shekhar Sharma | Hamirpur

The Mid-Himalayan Watershed Project has caused the Himachal Pradesh gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate to shoot upto 9 per cent. The watershed project has been launched in the State by the World Bank.

Under the professional Institutional networking (PIN) of Ministry of Rural Development,United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) sanction Appraisal of impact assessment study, in the three districts namely Sirsa in Haryana, Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh and Hoshiarpur in Punjab. NREGS was started in the first phase in these selected districts.

As a step towards strengthening the rural economy by empowering women, NABARD is soon launching an innovative,

Optimization of ecosystem goods and services from plantations depend on their sustainable production, protection and management. So far, the objective of attaining optimum production of environmental goods and services has remained a far cry due to uncontrolled exploitation, ignorance and inefficient management strategies.

In a throwback to the Chipko movement to save trees in the seventies, the Rakhi festival has turned into a rallying point for hundreds of village women near here as they pledge to protect their 'brother' trees that will be drowned by the Renuka hydroelectric project.

Alerted by the death of a lioness in Renuka Lion Safari in Sirmaur district of Himachal, the authorities have directed the supervisory staff to ensure that

Studies carried out in sal forests of Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh revealed that the artificially reclaimed sites develop much faster in terms of soil and vegetation as compared to abandoned mines.