Vedanta refinery pollutes river, sickens people in Orissa VEDANTA recently invited bureaucrats and glitterati to pat its back on corporate social responsibility activities at its first such meeting. But people living around Vedanta Aluminium Ltd

A joint team of scientists of the Sindh University and doctors of the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences on Tuesday detected skin diseases among four villagers caused by consumption of arsenic-heavy underground water in Arbab Allah Bux village near Tando Allahyar. The team led by eminent scientist Prof Dr Mohammad Yar Khuhawar, project director of High-tech Research Central Laboratory of Sindh University, visited the village after tests conducted earlier confirmed high arsenic levels in underground water of the village.

India has got a pat on back from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for eliminating yaws, one of the most neglected tropical diseases, affecting poor countries. A chronic skin infection that affects skin, bone and cartilage, yaws can cause irreversible destruction of tissue and deformities in late stages. The disease can be prevented and cured by a single shot of long-acting Penicillin.

Residents of Bantlapalli in Atmakur mandal of Nellore district have been facing severe drinking water problem for the last few years. The village has 500 people and residents suffer from kidney and skin diseases, many becoming disabled as the water available in the village has high quantity of fluoride content. People who are in their 40s have aged and doctors have been advising them to leave the village instead of going for treatment. People have to walk nearly 1.5 kms to the adjacent Khansahebpet village of Marripadu mandal to fetch drinking water.

modern medicine has found clay can be of good use now. Though it has been used as cosmetic by beauticians for long, therapeutic values of clay has not been recognized by modern science. us

people with a specific variation in a gene who are exposed to arsenic have greater risk of getting skin lesions and hyperkeratosis, a precursor to skin cancer, say researchers from Kolkata. The gene,

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