Children s toilets are a breed apart from the everyday adult toilet

compulsory acquisition of land by public and private sector companies often displaces people, forcing them to give up their homes, assets, means of livelihood and even vocation. More often than

Samar Baruskar was arrested on December 14, 1994, by the Sion police in Bombay for trespassing in a private building. He was looking for a toilet. The small plot of land that the residents of nearby

Involving the community in slum improvement has worked successfully in the Philippines and Mexico. Hidebound bureaucrats in the Third World, who insist they know best, should learn a lesson from these experiments.

Money Buys Least When Bureaucrats Spend It

Residents of Delhi's slums find themselves in a Catch 22 situation. Public conveniences in the Capital are woefully inadequate, but when they are compelled to defecate outdoors, residents of adjoining colonies take them to court.

Trade unionist Datta Samant has helped 2,500 families of quarry workers in Bombay to get their settlement recognised as a slum. The 35-acre plot amid sand quarries at Powai lake was notified as a

THE COUNTRY'S first-ever agitation on the right to defecate has come to a sorry end. Residents of a slum in Ashok Vihar, a north Delhi colony, find themselves sandwiched between a court verdict

The chapter on poverty was adopted, but the US voiced its objections loud and clear