Scientists believe more than 80 percent of the world’s plants and animals remain undiscovered. But as rainforests are cleared, we are losing these species before we even know they exist.

Reptiles being sold openly and illegally in Moroccan markets

This newly described snake, with a vivid orange and black banding pattern on its body, belongs to the genus Geophis, a group that is commonly referred to as earth snakes.

A new species of boa constrictor has been discovered on a remote island in the Bahamas.

Deep in the remote tropical forests of the northern Andes, scientists have discovered three new species of extremely rare snake.

Adani Group attributed the ruling to a 'technical legal error'; Commonwealth Bank withdraws from the project

Climate is recognized as one of the main factors responsible for shaping large-scale species distributions. Global climate change observed over the past decades has produced shifts in the distribution and abundance of numerous species and is responsible for species extinction. Increased levels of global warming are expected to have different effects on species, based on their life-history traits,, dispersal rates, and habitat requirements.

The ‘regional mafia’ has made Nepal an active transit hub for the illicit trafficking of wildlife parts, according to evidences gleaned from the recent seizures of large amounts of such material by

Almost 1 in 5 of the world’s reptile species are in danger of extinction as their habitats are cleared away for farming and logging, a new report says.

Some months ago, a woman was caught with a tiger cub in her bag at the Bangkok Airport. She had put the sedated cub in her bag along with a few stuffed toy tigers.