Taking the wrong anti venom could be dangerous too

Herbal cure for snakebite

Right from the backyard

The saperas snake charmers of Delhi loive in a unique colony called Mollarbandhgaon. This community, located next to the Badarpur thermal power station, is known locally as sapera basti community of snake charmers. The community has been living

eggs will soon offer an inexpensive antidote for snake bites, if scientists in Bangalore have their way. Bio

the severe cold wave in northern India this year has not hit just humans hard, but also snakes. Bihar witnessed 24 snake deaths in January. These were reported from the Bikram sub-division of Patna

A sum of us $42,000 was raised in Singapore during an auction of 25,000 pieces of illegally imported snake skin. The skin pieces belong to the endangered banded rat snake. Custom officials

The venom of the Malaya pitviper Calloselasma rhodostoma , collected from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Java, shows considerable variations in its chemical composition. The pattern of variation is

people in the city of Townsville, on Australia's eastern coast, are facing tough times. First, the city was deva

The first ever field study of the anaconda the dreaded predator snake has revealed a number of fascinating facts about the reptile's habits