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Mumbai In a fresh lease of life for the city

The Mayans penchant for building places of worship brought their downfall In 2001, when a hurricane ripped through the jungles of northern Guatemala, an uprooted tree at the base of the ruins of a pyramid exposed stones bearing one of the longest texts of hieroglyphs ever found. The inscriptions belong to the Mayan civilization. Part of a grand staircase leading up the side of a pyramid, the

Ramya Kannan

CHENNAI: The best news from the Union Culture Ministry this year is that India has submitted 20 nominations under the Intangible Cultural Heritage category to UNESCO, according to Union Culture Secretary Jawahar Sircar. It is expected that UNESCO will choose all or 90 per cent of them.

Book>> The Age of Wonder, How The Romantic Generation Discovered The Beauty And Terror Of Science

British sculptor Antony Gormley

Melbourne has a well-earned reputation for being a gastronome

http://www.openlibrary.org ONE web page for every book ever published. It

Heritage Walk On Saturday Followed Metro Route To Bring Alive Sepoy Mutiny, Reports Richi Verma