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Madhya Pradesh has posted an increase of 20 percentage points in literacy level in the last decade. As per the Census 2001, the literacy level in Madhya Pradesh has gone up from 44.67 per cent in

West Godavari district has achieved the rare distinction of one of the three districts in the country for making rapid progress in the implementation of the total literacy programme at a very low per

The Decadal Achievement Award for Female Literacy would be given to Madhya Pradesh for impressive achievement in raising female literacy by 20.93 percent between 1991 and

The Forest Department has launched a literacy drive to encourage tribal children to join schools. It is part of a 'catalytic' role of the department to bring the tribal population to the

When the oil companies came to give a representation to the Environment Protection Control Authority (EPCA) on the viability of CNG, they were accompanied by officials of the Ministry of Oil,

Female literacy has increased by 15 per cent over the last 10 years. The provisional figures of 2001 show female literacy as 54.16 per cent, while during the 1991 census, it was 39.3 per

Karnataka Forest and Environment Minister K H Ranganath today informed the Legislative Assembly that the state government is seriously examining a proposal for phasing out old vehicles which have run

A step forward was taken today in Indian archaeological restoration when the Apeejay Surendra Park Hotels group, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and National Culture Fund signed a bond for the

Calling globalisation "the central challenge" faced by humankind, world leaders attendng the UN Millennium Summit have adopated a "visionary declaration" on the future role of the UN in promoting

Out of the 582 world heritage sites in the world selected by UNESCO in 1999, India has just 21. UNESCO brought out its most recent list in December last year and it proved to be a major