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Rajasthan proposes to seek school children's participation in the protection of historic monuments in the state. In a unique scheme, being mooted by the State Government, each school will be made to

Kalahandi district in Orissa, wracked by periodic drought and starvation in the modern age, seems to have had a glorious past as remains of several fortified settlements from the Stone Age up to the

The Supreme Court hearing on the case involving vehicular emission has been rescheduled for October 4 from September

The Archaeological Survey of India, which has 69 monuments in the state under its charge, has planned a special maintenance drive. In Jammu region, repair of the Akhnoor Fort ramparts, restoration

The Calcutta Municipal Corporation must impose water charges on all house-owners in the city, feels a World Bank team , in the city recently to study its water supply and drainage problems. The bank

The majestic Sun Temple at Konark which has put Orissa on the world heritage map with its architectural splendour and exquisite carvings is crumbling with the stone erosion and weathering effect

Archaeologists said they have discovered a dinosaur's pelvis weighing two tons, that dates from about 140 million years ago, at a dig, North of Lisbon.The bone was found near Lourinha, about 75 km

Archaeologists have stumbled upon a 10-acre microlithic site, dating back to 4000 BC, at Agastheeswaram taluk in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu recently.

The Delhi government may soon enact laws to protect buildings in Delhi which are not covered under the Arcaeological Survey of India's list of protected

Evidence from an ancient Chinese cave has cast doubt on prevailing theories about the taming of fire by human ancestors, suggesting the the epochal achievement occured mauch later than scientists