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The single biggest challenge facing the conservation of world heritage is climate change, as it threatens the culture and way of life for many countries, International National Trusts Organization (INTO) chairman Simon Molesworth said.

A group of innova tive young architects from Delhi's School of Planning & Architecture (SPA) have created a wonderfully userfriendly pedestrian map for Garli -India's first heritage village notified by the Himachal Pradesh government in 2002 located about 450 km north of the capital amidst the still picturesque Kangra Valley.

The greater Indus valley was home to Neolithic cultures starting from 7000 BCE. They formed the antecedents of the urban Harappan civilization, whose rise and decline are dated to 2600 BCE and 1900 BCE respectively. At its peak, the Harappan civilization covered an area of more than a million square kilometres, making it the largest urbanized civilization of the Bronze Age.

AHMEDABAD: The concept of a special business zone is known as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in present times. But for Surat, the idea was not new. The rulers of Surat always give it special administration and autonomy for the purpose of promotion of business.

The Indraprastha thermal power plant, in the heart of Delhi, has recently shut down its polluting operations, but now a debate has begun over the room it leaves vacant.

The Delhi government is now considering the uses of the sprawling campus, which is prime property on the banks of the River Yamuna.

New Delhi: In a heated meeting at Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) on Wednesday over a parking lot coming up opposite Delhi High Court, the commission has asked DMRC to protect a Lodi-period monument at the site with the assistance of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and pay for its conservation.

There seems to be no end to the trouble surrounding the proposed multi-level parking lot at the Delhi High Court.

The Centre has sanctioned Rs 105 crore for the upgrade of the Hooghly banks in the state, as well as the Nimtala burning ghat and the adjoining Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Garden.

BHAWANIPATNA: Negligence on the part of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to preserve the remnants of Asurgarh in Kalahandi district has triggered widespread resentment among history-lovers and intellectuals. Asurgarh, an ancient metropolis, is considered contemporaneous to Ujjain, Ahichatra, Kosambi, Sisupalagarh and other ancient Indian cities, but it remains unexcavated.