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Kalpana Jain / New Delhi April 23, 2010, 0:58 IST

Industry may soon have to pay a lot more for the water it uses. The Union government is in talks with various state governments to draft a model Bill that would lead to a multi-fold increase in water charges for industry, senior government officials told Business Standard.

The State Government has been requested to initiate legal measures to force Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages to pay compensation to the people of the Plachimada village in Palakkad district affected by the alleged environmental damage its bottling plant had inflicted on the area.

To Madhuraj, the camera is a third eye. His Water Plunder exposes the large-scale exploitation of drinking water by MNCs and the resistance put up by the village communities against this, notes K A Antony

This WRI report assesses financial implications of climate change and water scarcity on the Food & Beverage sector in South & Southeast Asia. Warns that as a large water user, this sector is at risk from decreasing water supplies in parts of emerging Asia , specially India.

Soft drink companies must pay for the water they use

A Kerala government panel on Monday said Coca Cola must pay Rs 216.26 crore as compensation for the

Compensation for

Read the summary of high-level panel report on environmental damages caused by Coca Cola plant at Plachimada, Palakkad district. The panel has asked for Rs. 216.26 crores as compensation and has recommended setting up a tribunal for seeking damages.

If you care about the environment, you may want to show that in the way you spend your money. These decisions could help steer us towards a truly green economy - but only if consumers and investors have a good idea of which companies have genuinely minimised their impact on the environment.